At ADG, there's a lot we can do for your association, and there's also a lot we can teach you to do yourself. We have a variety of training programs available to our association management clients, which are also offered on an hourly or project basis.

1. Leadership development and communication

A thriving association changes its leadership – giving as many members as are interested the chance to serve as officers, board members and committee chairs.

Of course, not everyone is a born leader. ADG can help those new to leadership positions learn to play their parts with confidence. From leadership transition to navigating board governance, we'll work with your leaders to enhance their skills and gain the knowledge necessary to continue to move your organization forward.

One of those skills is speaking with confidence. When it comes to navigating critical situations or making a positive public impression, good verbal communication can make all the difference. ADG offers communications coaching with a certified speech professional (link to his site?) to help you put your best foot forward ... and keep it out of your mouth!

We also offer training for your association's executive director and other paid staff, if you have them. These people are the first line of contact for members, prospects, the public and the media, and we'll help them develop as professionals who will represent your organization in the best way possible.

2. Association Marketing 101

Many organizations – particularly nonprofit organizations – don't believe they need a marketing plan, because their work speaks for itself. That might have been true 30 years ago, but in today's high-tech and highly fragmented world, a strategy is essential. You need to know how (and where) to engage your members, reach external audiences and be relevant to all your constituents on every level.

Think of your marketing and communications plan as a toolbox. The contents are the tools you can use in telling your association's story. As with real hammers and screwdrivers, you need to know which tool is the right one for the job you're doing. ADG's staff will teach you how to design a plan that's right for your association and stock your box with the tools you need to build it.

3. Membership engagement: It's a whole new world

Your members are the lifeblood of your association and the reason it exists. So of course you want to keep them and attract more of them, but that's not as easy as it used to be. How associations attract, engage and retain members has changed, and so have the priorities of your membership base and prospect pool. Generations X and Y don't join associations for the same reasons their baby boomer parents and grandparents did, and new ways of living and doing business have impacted members at every stage of life.

We'll help you understand what kind of return on investment today's members and prospects are looking for and how to give it to them. We'll also show you how to turn passive dues-payers into active, involved members and leaders.

4. Association Management 101

Few people go to college planning to enter the association field. Often experienced people from diverse backgrounds land in a variety of positions, including executive director, policy, membership development, programs and business partner relations. People new to the field will benefit from ADG's Associations 101 course, a real-life look at what's important to know and what it takes to succeed.

5. Web and database training

ADG's tech team can maintain your website and member database for you after we build them, but maybe you'd rather do it yourself. No problem! We'll train you how to work with the latest tools we use to keep them dynamic and current: Joomla! for your website and CiviCRM for all your association's database needs. Come in for a personal CiviCRM database training session, take our virtual training, or join us monthly for CiviCRM Meetups to talk to developers and fellow users.

6. Health and wellness in the workplace

Association work is rewarding, but it's also stressful, and there's a lot of it! Busy people like us sometimes need a little push to remind us to take care of ourselves. ADG's own holistic health counselor will give you and your staff that push -- firmly but gently and never judgmentally -- and show you how to make healthy changes that suit your busy lifestyle.

7. But WAIT -- THERE's MORE!

We're always planning exciting new programs, including meetups, brainstorming sessions and educational presentations open to our association community free of charge. ADG's training center is a place where nonprofit leaders and executives can swap ideas and learn new ways to help their organizations grow and thrive.