In a volunteer organization, management matters. The people who keep it running need to know the membership, be tech-savvy, have an eye on the big picture as well as the small details, and be good communicators, too.

By partnering with ADG, you'll get all that and more. Our creativity and our focus on communication make us unique in the world of association management. With an in-house creative division and a team that includes former journalists, government relations professionals and experienced nonprofit agency leaders, we're experts on crafting and delivering your association's message where it needs to be heard.


Our professionals manage all the details of your association's most important meetings: distributing notices and agendas, arranging meeting space, preparing minutes, and following up on action items. We also offer strategic planning and leadership support services. ADG oversees the creation and updating of bylaws, policy and procedure manuals, and all other documents essential to your association's identity.

Day-to-day management

Our offices in New York's capital city become your association's business address, enhancing your professional image. From your new headquarters, we establish a dedicated phone line that we answer with your association's name, arrange board and committee meetings, prepare and send dues notices, manage the finances, and do everything else required of an efficient association.

Membership development

We take a strategic, targeted approach to helping your organization attract new members and keep existing ones engaged and enthusiastic. We go where they are with content that grabs their attention -- producing newsletters and mailings on topics of interest, celebrating their achievements on social media, and keeping them informed of everything your association has to offer them.


We use every avenue available to get the word out about your organization to those who need to hear it: members, supporters, those you serve, the media and the general public. Our in-house wordsmiths are experts at crafting messages that get attention and results.

Website and database services

Our Web gurus can design and maintain your website ... or design one and teach you how to do your own maintenance. We can do the same with databases – build and maintain them for you, or show you how easy it is to maintain them yourself.

Event Planning & MANAGEMENT

Conferences, trade shows, regional training, advocacy programs, webinar series, online video tutorials, sponsorship programs and direct marketing, too. Our team enjoys being involved from concept to completion and using every opportunity to support association members in their professional development.