Does planning your 2022 events have you a little overwhelmed ... or a lot? The ADG Events team shares the secrets of their success in this handy top 10 list. Give them a call if you need help with your next event!

1. Communicate Effectively and Proactively: Clear communication among members of our teams and with clients, vendors, sponsors and other stakeholders is essential to client relationships and event success.

2. Plan Early: Begin the planning process early to ensure all deliverables are on time.

3. Cultivate Trust: Cultivating an environment of trust among team members to maximize team productivity takes commitment and communication.

4. Follow Up for Future Success: Conduct attendee surveys, post event team meetings and committee recap meetings to drive future event success.

5. Pivot with a Purpose: as we have seen over the past couple of years, pivoting aspects of events may be necessary, we want to be thoughtful about how and what we change in our events to accommodate hybrid events in the future.

6. Put Everything in its Place (Mise en Place): Organize and create timelines and work plans and make them accessible and convenient to all team members.

7. Remember that the Devil is in the Details: The smallest detail is as important to event success as the biggest detail.

8. Adopt a Purpose-Driven Mindset: Decisions that are aligned with the purpose of the event and the organization’s mission can make goal setting easier and tough decisions clearer.

9. Think Outside the Box: Look for new ideas to enhance our clients' event experiences.

10. Prioritize Customer Service: Make customer service and member satisfaction a priority in pre-planning work, on-site, and post-event work, too.


Click here to download ADG's Top 10 Elements of Successful Event Planning.